In this group, with the keywords "machine" and "information" at the core, we aim to explore complex life phenomena by physics and discover new physics behind rich life phenomena. Furthermore, we are developing innovative nanodevices based on biological phenomena and biomolecules. Diverse molecular machines made of proteins are engaged in various cellular functions in a nanometer scale where thermal fluctuations are dominant. The operating principles of such molecular machines are intriguing as physics and also have the possibility of being a promising guide that leads to the development of innovative nanodevices. For instance, a flagellar motor is an ultra-high performance nanomachine and achieves high speed swimming of bacteria by rotations at more than 200 revolutions per second, reverses rotation, and adjusts torque dynamically according to the environment. Life, on the other hand, also has an aspect of an information processing device. Cells gather information about the environment using the sensors on their membrane, process the information, and conduct survival activities. Cells copy genetic information coding its own design with amazing precision to their descendants. The physics of information processing has been developing rapidly. We are expecting that the life phenomena provide an optimal test ground of such state-of-the-art physics.


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