Department of Applied Physics, Tohoku University

The world has high expectations for development of revolutionary functional devices and materials in such high-profile areas as energy, environment, medicine, biotechnologies, and information. Among the technologies attracting the greatest attention and hope toward realization of this development are nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Students in this Department learn the basics of micro materials science such as quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, or condensed matter physics, and develop the practical skills for conducting research aimed at creating highly functional devices and materials that control electrons, spins, light, or living organisms, thereby building the next generation of nanotechnology. Through their studies and research, students come to understand a broad range of physical phenomena based on modern physics and learn the engineering skills for putting these phenomena to practical use. The aim is to develop engineers and researchers who will become future leaders in many different sectors.

The Department of Applied Physics is taking up the challenge of creating the hoped-for revolutionary devices and materials in a variety of fields including information, communications, energy, the environment, and medicine, and of conducting the theoretical and simulation studies for raising their performance to the limit. Taking advantage of the outstanding research equipment and environment, many of the world’s top level researchers are working to create the next generation of science and technology. Besides carrying out research in cooperation with laboratories associated with the University including the Institute for Materials Research and the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, many research projects are being conducted with other universities, research institutes, and corporations in Japan and overseas. An environment is provided with no walls between laboratories, in which students can absorb a wide range of research knowledge outside their own field of specialty.

When it comes to employment prospects, students who have compiled training in understanding and logically analyzing phenomena and coming up with solutions through applied physics are in high demand.

Department of Applied
Physics, Tohoku University

6-6-05, Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8579