Research Themes

We have been exploring novel energy-harvesting materials, such as thermoelectric materials, cathode materials for secondary batteries and photovoltaic materials. Functions of a solid substance primarily depend on the electronic structure, directly derived from its crystal structure. Through high-quality structure analyses using neutron and X-ray diffraction, combined with first-principles calculations, we have been fabricating materials with desired functions. To date, more than 40 novel materials have been discovered based on our guiding principles. For developing furure device technologies, challenges on thin-film thermionic multilayers and organic thermoelectric materials are currently underway.

1. Synthesis and physical properties of next-generation thermoelectric materials
2. Preparation and thermoelectric properties of organic thin films
3. Fabrication of transition metal silicide photovoltaic thin films
4. Preparation of cathode materials for Na-ion batteries based on first-principles calculations
5. Development of Peltier cooling materials utilized around room temperature


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