About us


The department and course have a history of almost 60 years, with a focus on basic science and material engineering based on the educational philosophy of developing both new technologies and well-rounded personnel to address increasing social issues . Our teachers and administrative staff are fully committed toward this philosophy for achieving productive research and education .

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “applied physics?” Do you imagine something difficult when you hear a term with “physics” attached to it? As mentioned earlier, applied physics is a highly comprehensive academic discipline, using which new technological values are developed. Applied physics is essential for modern science and technology because it relies on the solid state of physics.

Researches on functional materials, such as magnetic, superconducting, semiconducting, thermoelectric and glass materials, which can address energy issues and improve the quality of society. Tohoku University’s strengths range from cross-disciplinary researches, such as strategies in quantum information technology, bio-physical engineering, to state-of-the-art measurement technologies, such as the utilization of Tohoku synchrotron radiation and electron spectroscopy. From studies on fundamental theoretical physics to industry?academia collaborations, such as medical sensor applications, only a few departments and courses offer such a wide range of expertise. In applied physics, AI technology and machine learning, which have garnered immense popularity in recent years, are used in practical situations such as the discovery of new types of matter and drugs.

Studying applied physics at a university or graduate school will enable you to gain expertise as well as achieve diverse logical and objective perspectives, which will also promote personal development. With this background, our graduates progress to diverse career paths and are playing key roles in various technological organizations, including manufacturing.

Unfortunately, we live in an era of continuous global disasters, pandemic diseases, and rapid social and economic changes. This situation is understandably worrying our students in terms of their future. However, they must learn to live shrewdly, even amid such uncertainties. We must also use technologies to tackle unsolved challenges . All our staff is eager to provide the maximum possible support to you for independent and creative individual development.

We would like to bring to your notice various opportunities available in the Department of Applied Physics.