About us

For those who are considering entering the Department of Applied Physics

The Department of Applied Physics has a history of nearly 60 years,
and our research and education philosophy is to develop technologies
to solve social problems and to enrich human resources. In order to
fulfill this philosophy and to realize a full range of research and
education, faculty members and students work hard and continue studies
based on the “Research First” principle of Tohoku University.

Applied physics is a comprehensive discipline that creates new
technological values based on a solid foundation of physics. It
includes not only spintronics and magnetic materials, which are Tohoku
University’s strengths, and functional materials research such as
superconductivity, semiconductors, thermoelectric conversion, and
glass, which contribute to energy problems and the improvement of the
quality of society, but also cross-disciplinary research such as
quantum information technology and biophysical engineering, and
cutting-edge measurement technologies such as synchrotron radiation
and electron spectroscopy. The Department of Applied Physics has an
extremely wide range of expertise.

In the Department of Applied Physics, students learn the fundamentals
of physics and materials engineering, and then acquire specialized
knowledge in cutting-edge materials engineering, quantum technology,
and biophysical engineering. In addition, the course also emphasizes
training in presentation and communication, and continues to produce
leaders who play an active role at the core of academia and industry.